Why Blacks are Boycotting this Black Owned Restaurant for Selling Out

1917 American Bistro - Detroit, Michigan
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People began posting on Facebook accusing Chef Don Studvent, a Black restaurant owner in Detroit, Michigan of “selling out;” calling for people to boycott his restaurant and catering service. We think this call to boycott a black owned business is straight up RIDICULOUS!


A vast majority in the black community have always seemed to have a disdain for people of color who are successful enough to expand their appeal and gain mainstream success or fortunes by providing a service or product to larger community of white consumers. Lest we forget, money is green and if you are in business to make money, green is often the only color that matters. In this case, Chef Don Studvent is being penalized for setting aside his political views to focus on providing the best service and food possible to a Republican.

To call someone in the business of selling food to make a profit a “sell out” goes to show the lack of business acumen many of those calling for the boycott have. To sell out by definition, via the Urban Dictionary is to compromise a person’s integrity, morality, or principals in exchange for personal gain such as money.

So, when Chef Don Studvent chose to serve food to Donald Trump’s son and was captured in a photo with Trump, Jr., people in the black community were outraged and immediately called for a boycott of 1917 American Bistro.


Black Business reported:

What’s the big deal?

Studvent was reportedly just returning to the event to pick up his pots and pans when he got caught in a photo-op. His picture taken with Trump’s son ended up all over Facebook, and people started reacting in a way that was never expected.

People began accusing him of “selling out” and postings on Facebook started to appear calling for people to boycott his restaurant and catering service.

Business is business… right?

Studvent believes that “business is business” and has nothing to do with politics, bu the public has turned the event into a political issue. They are saying that because of Trump’s rocky relationship with the Black community, no Black-owned business should do business with him or his family members.

But Studvent has explained that he doesn’t take political sides when it comes to his business. “This is my living,” he said. “And it’s not just my living, my employees as well.”

The bad publicity has left Studvent’s restaurant almost empty lately. He is hoping that it all blows over soon, and that he gets his former customers back. He says that the whole thing is unfair, and very hurtful to his company and his employees.

“I don’t deserve this crap,” Studvent told WYYZ.com.

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