Love Char is Defying the Odds to Become One of the Sexiest Instagram Models

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Love Char is grabbing the attention of thousands of voyeuristic followers while defying the odds to quickly become one of the sexiest models on Instagram. Everyone knows that to become a model, you need to be tall. So if you’re standing only 5’3″ tall, how can you even dare dream of being a model?


We’re sure the Pittsburgh, PA native has had to entertain this question thousands of times while on her pursuit to become a model in an industry that frowns on short and curvy body types. Fortunately for Char, in the age of Instagram, Facebook,and YouTube, we’re living in a time that allows us to post and upload photos and videos aimed at stimulating and setting off sexual sensors. And if done correctly, an attention grabbing social media page can become the launching pad to skyrocket a career in modeling and acting.

Char has been very successful at capturing the attention of notable celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, The Game, Rae Sremmurd, Drake, and Kanye West with her ability to lure in an audience with her intimate photos posing in various states of undress.

She leaves the door open for fans to draw their own conclusions on what category to place her in. Is she a model, actress, or an ambassador for embracing natural hair and body? One thing is for sure. She has already been mentioned by Style Caster in “The 30 Hottest—and Most Naked—Women on Instagram.”

And with over 81,000 followers on her Instagram account, Char is defying all the odds to become a sensation that is quietly hushing all the naysayers that said it was impossible for her to become a model.

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Check out some of the NSFW photos from her portfolio at

Photos courtesy of Instagram @Love.Char

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