Testing the Limits with Verbal Assault: Did the Trump Effect Cause this Woman to Lash Out at Store Employees?

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When a white woman goes off in public in a “racist” rant directed at black store employees, we can’t help but wonder if she was testing her limits with the Trump Effect.

Many in America feel that hateful rhetoric and verbal assault brought about during the recent Presidential election is having an effect on children and adults, and it may be the cause of recent occurrences of white people lashing out at store employees and screaming at Hillary supporters on airline flights.


The Trump Effect is described as repeating Trump’s rhetoric or similar things Trump has said about minorities and immigrants during his Presidential campaign. It is all part of bad behavior as individuals test the limits of what amount of hateful verbiage will be tolerated.

In schools, bullying is taking on a new face. The Trump Effect is being used as a new way for people to lash out and hurt each other using verbal assault. It’s reported that children are ganging up on other children and chanting, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”or “Build a wall!” or “Deport him!”

Recently, two videos have surfaced on social media depicting Trump supporters going on rants and expressing their hate and rage towards blacks.

Jessica Grady was shopping at a Michaels craft store when she recorded a white woman lashing out at store employees.

Grady wrote about the incident on Facebook:

This is the shortened version of an almost 45 minute ordeal I saw a racist Trump supporter put an entire store, in one of most liberal neighborhoods of Chicago (if not the country), through on Wednesday night. This entitled young white woman was angry that an African American employee asked her if she wanted to buy a bag for her larger items. I started recording because I’d seen her in the store and she’d told me to go ahead of her in line and when I was about to leave she started lying & yelling at the employees and going on a horrible racist rant. I’ve worked in retail and I know that 9/10 times, when a customer complains, employees suffer and the irate customer gets a discount so I started filming because I wasn’t going to let that happen. She was threatening these women’s jobs, shouting that she was a Trump supporter, that African American women were discriminating against her, she called them animals, said it was reverse racism, etc. She literally said to the (black) manager of this store, “You’re not my mother and I’ll do whatever I want to you!” (The manager – this amazing woman, was calm as the sea!).

The employees at this store did nothing to this customer. They never yelled at her. They were helpful and calm the entire time. They only asked her to leave after she’d been shouting and cursing at them several minutes. The last part of the video is shaky because my hands were shaking – not because of what she was saying to me or that she was screaming and filming my two-year old, but because I stopped in the middle of this to hug the manager who showed me a picture of her baby and she said, “this happens all the time.” She wasn’t worried about herself, but she didn’t want the children in the store to hear this or for her employees to be mistreated. No one deserves to be treated this way. The only good thing I can say is that multiple customers tried to intervene and about ten of us waited the entire 45 minutes it took for the cops to arrive. (By then she’d just walked off, there had been multiple calls to CPD about her and they only came after I called again and told them she needed medical attention because she was shouting and crying outside the store). I did talk to the corporate office of the store today and they were very receptive. I do hope that this woman received some type of medical attention, but I don’t think this was a breakdown, I think it was someone who felt so entitled that her views had been validated that she genuinely expected other white people to be on her side about this.

Watch as Trump Supporter Goes on Rant at Michaels store

Watch as Trump Supporter Goes on Rant on Flight

Source: Heavy

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