Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren’s Heated Debate Over Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick

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Trevor Noah was criticized for inviting Tomi Lahren on the The Daily show. Although, Noah seemed to win the debate, many people felt that Noah gave the conservative political commentator a platform, allowing her to validate her views that possibly impact and endanger black Americans.

Courtesy Comedy Central

Trevor Noah asked Lahren how black people in America should meaningfully assert their First Amendment rights without peaceful protests and marches. He pointed to Colin Kaepernick’s example: “Here’s a black man in America who says, ‘I don’t know how to get a message across. If I march in the streets, people say I’m a thug. If I go out and I protest people say it’s a riot.’ What’s the right way for a black person to get attention in America?”


The controversy over the debate got so heated that Noah felt necessary to respond in a 45-minute interview with The Breakfast Club. Why Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren’s Debate Was Such a Big Deal is covered in more depth here.


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