Why Ne-Yo Says He Will Perform at Trump’s Inauguration

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Ne-Yo says he is willing to perform at Trump’s Inauguration and fans go in on him [VIDEO]. So why is Ne-Yo the first black artist to publicly announce that he would perform for Trump’s Inauguration?  Before answering the question, let’s look at how this whole mess started in the first place.

The Wrap reported that the committee for Trump’s Inauguration is scrambling to get A-list performers, but is having a hard time signing up artist.  “Hollywood is famously left-leaning, and during the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton had far more celebrity supporters than Trump.  One of the insiders who spoke to TheWrap, a talent manager, said he doubts there are too many high-caliber performers “who will agree to normalize and service some of the hate groups that have supported Trump,” because they run the risk of intense backlash.”


On Thursday, Ne-Yo was on his way through a security check point at the Los Angeles Airport, when TMZ reporters asked if he was asked by Donald Trump,  would he perform at President Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration.  And to many people’s surprise, Ne-Yo said, “Yeah, I’ll be there.”

The reporters then mentioned that a lot of people have been saying the opposite and have been vocal about being unwilling to how they perform for Trump. They went on to ask Ne-Yo why he would be okay with performing for Trump.

“I wouldn’t go because I support Donald Trump, I’d go because it’s a dope party,” Ne-Yo said with a laugh.

He then added, “I would go, get the check, have a good time and then still say ‘the hell with Donald Trump.”

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Ne-Yo’s response did not sit too well with fans and half of the country that didn’t vote for Trump.  So Ne-Yo had to clarify his response.

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