LeBron James Named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year 2016

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LeBron James has been named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year for 2016.   Many might argue the fact that  the 2015 -216 season was statistically not the best season for LeBron James.  Indeed his assists were down and he didn’t drop as many baskets as he normally does from the three-point range.    Despite the tumbling statistics,  his rebounding average was up and James was still able to lead the Cavaliers in one of history’s greatest comebacks to win the NBA Championships.

This marks the second time that James has won the award.  And other than Tiger Woods, James is the only athlete to win the award twice since its inception in 1954.

According to Cleveland.com,  “This time, James’ award was not just about sports. This past year was one of tremendous strides for his charitable foundation and for the city to rally around him, yes, largely because of the Cavs’ championship. But 2016 was also one of great unrest in the country, one marked with growing questions of race and divisive politics, and James lent his voice to those issues time and again.”

James spoke to Sports Illustrated about his activism: “I want it to be more about what I can do to help my community, what we can do so kids feel like they’re important to the growth of America, and not like: ‘These people don’t care about us,’” he said. “I’m not here to stomp on Trump. We’re here to do our part, which starts in the place we grew up, street by street, brick by brick, person by person.”

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Photo: Sports Illustrated

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