The Game Asks for New Trial in Priscilla Rainey $7 Million Sexual Assault Case

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An Illinois court ruled in favor of Priscilla Rainey and ordered a judgment of $7.13 million against The Game.  But The Game has asked for a new trial in the sexual assault case.  Rainey sued the rapper alleging he sexually assaulted her while filming the reality show, She Got Game.

According to the documents filed in the Northern District Federal Court of Illinois, Priscilla Rainey claimed that while filming the VH1 reality show, she went on  an “after-hours” date with the rapper when he started touching her inappropriately. Rainey claimed that she thought the date was part of the show.

Photo: Priscilla Rainey Instagram

The Game and Rainey went to Adrianna’s Sportsbar in Markham, Illinois where Rainey claimed The Game was “out of control, highly intoxicated on alcohol and drugs.” Priscilla also claimed that he “sexually assaulted” her on “several occasions that night.” Per the docs, this “included him forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

According to TMZ, the rapper has filed a motion asking for new trial with a new jury. The Game argues that he never got a chance to defend himself in person…because he wasn’t able to make his trial due to a “severe tooth infection.”

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