Fantasia: Her New Approach to Love, Celibacy, Happiness, and Marriage

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Last year, Fantasia took a new approach to love and now, she has a period of celibacy to thank for her happiness and marriage to businessman Kendall Taylor. The R&B singer, songwriter, and actress has had her ups and downs in relationships, but when her relationship with married boyfriend Antwaun Cook became so public that it led to a bout with depression and attempted suicide, she realized that something wasn’t working with the way she went about approaching relationships and choosing the right man.  So, she switched up her approach to love.

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Fantasia hit a very low point when allegations and accusations of her being a home-wrecker, pregnant, and participating in sex tapes stirred in the media. On Aug. 9, 2010, she attempted suicide by downing a bottle of aspirin and a sleep aid. “I was a broken woman,” she told Billboard magazine.  Fortunately, she realized she had a problem with her personal life and took actions to turn things around.

Photo: @Tasiasword

A Period for Rebuilding

After her embarrassing moment in the public eye, the American Idol season 3 winner  channeled all her pain in  a personal rebuilding period and churned out her song, “Bittersweet.”  The song led Fantasia to a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 2011 Grammy’s.

In 2015, while  doing the Broadway play, After Midnight, Fantasia met Kendall Taylor in a nightclub and the encounter led to a whirlwind romance.  She shared with XoNecole that at that time, she was broken and insecure, but found her perfect man by switching up her approach to love. She explains how celibacy and fasting led to love and happiness.

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“I fasted for seven months while I was doing my last Broadway play, After Midnight. I started realizing that what I was doing wasn’t working for me, so I did something very corny and I put a ring on my own finger. I did a lot of praying and watched a lot of things that were good for my spirit. Me and Kendall married before we made love, so it wasn’t about my body or my money. He was a man with his own business and he was also a man with a past. I think I fell in love with that the most because he did not let his past block his future. He has a story and a testimony, too.”

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In 2016, Fantasia released her video to her newest single, “Sleeping With The One I Love,” from her forthcoming album The Definition Of…

“My song talks about all the bad relationships but I’m grateful for going through them,” Fantasia told WHUR. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t know what the good is. I’m thankful for those relationships because I know how to treat him and cherish what I have now.”

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