The Black Professional Nurse Experience in Poetic Summation: I’m Tired

Photo: Young Black nurse comforting female patient in doctor's office, by James Palinsad
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To the Black Professionals:

What did we do after we were “allowed” into the bathrooms, neighborhoods, professions and golf clubs??? We stopped. Divided. Ultimately we have lost so much because of our inability to empathize, organize, and mobilize. However, falling down only requires that we get back up! It’s time.

I’m tired…I’m tired of having to hide, change, amend, titrate and ameliorate my blackness to make you comfortable…when you should check your pre-judg-ices at the door of the workplace!
I’m tired…of working 10x as hard without any recognition when my counterpart is recognized for merely doing their job!

I’m tired…of being seen as an angry black woman who is aggressive, simply because when you exceed my boundary- I tell you “no” as if that word is reserved only for you, and truth be exposed-you feel I should merely take an order as if I’m working at McDonalds doing as I’m told?

Photo: Young Black nurse comforting female patient in doctor’s office, by James Palinsad

I’m tired…see I’m more than a slave sent to fetch your patients or stroke your ego while enduring the toxic hostile unhealthy workplace you purport on your websites that you stand against, hmm because you recognize-their-dreadful-effects however, that must be for Becky with the good hair because those rules and costly effects are not ledgered against the price of losing me- or me losing my mind! (Not!…but…)
I’m tired!

We cannot continue to play this game
You the slave master…and I simply the slave!
You converse of the perverse state of blacks who simply sit and demand to be fed housed and clothed…
However, once again-Truth be told- when I work hard to sit in an office next to you- you still complain and blame to cover the same…
Distorted truth that really it doesn’t matter-because there is noooo pleasing you;
An excuse is just an excuse…

I’m tired…
Where can I work to save lives, without my very health being compromised? When will my value as a professional be appreciated versus the color of my skin being evaluated?

I’m tired…
Does my blackness really bother you? More than the skill I use to execute the services I’m paid to produce? Where will I be known as a me?…a veteran, RN, or human being-you choose!

I’m tired…
When will the fact that I’m a hard worker, team player, creative force, critical thinker, rapid problem solver, or passionate provider of professional nursing services be wagered against the abuse I reported but you failed to respond, protect or basically care?…are you now any different than the soldier who raped and beat me with the plan to drown me instead, is your silence really support of the abuse I endured which ended-in a write-up-you-prepared-before-
I even hit your door?

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I’m tired…
So I’m advised to ask “others” am I going too fast, should I dial my energy back…well should I just go ahead and bleach away the black?

When they frown, scream and yell- I’m advised it’s their passion…
I frown my face in disbelief, I’m just disrespectful? Please don’t play confused of the double standard you jussst used!

I’m tired…
You say I’m disrespectful because I try to present the facts ?- I wasn’t yelling or cursing, so should I assume it’s because I’m black?
You said I’m too passionate, yet they YELL and it’s theirs being expressed-It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why I’m upset!

I’m tired…
Did anyone ever stop to consider the source of the complaint? Its the very same person I reported to you for help?
How obvious you chose the role to convict, because the manipulation used to redirect the focus to me-is sooo evident!
Since she was failing to produce and needed an excuse…
To the tree I was sent for the prepared hanging noose!
I’m tired! And Satan your kingdom IS coming down!

About the Author: Lynn Tyler BSN, RN is a native of Akron, OH and veteran of the USAF and Army having served as a Medic. Currently, she is a Behavioral Health Care Facilitator. She attended an HBCU, Lincoln University and earned an AAS in Nursing then completed her BSN at the University of Texas Arlington.

I plan to start a BSN- DNP program as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and focus on providing services that address the holistic needs as the foundation of my clinical practice. Currently, I work as a Behavioral Health Care Facilitator to assist patients identified with specific mental health diagnosis. After traveling to 29 different hospitals in 12 states across the US, I realize that toxic work environments are at the root of under staffing issues and consistent use of travel and contract nurses. Refusing to identify weak leadership and toxic staff or providers ultimately support the culture of harassment, bullying, incivility and other toxic behaviors. These also continue to undermine the bottom line of our health care system and the health of those who are targeted. I intend to highlight and target workplace issues that specifically target minorities and that plague the nursing profession in general.

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#LooseMypeople #ExposeTheirLies
#NoWeaponformed #QuitPlaying! #BlackProfessionalsLivesMattertoo!! #YoujustPushedmetomyPurpose!

Feature Photo: James Palinsad, Flickr

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