Alternative Facts: Sean Spicer Delivers Press Briefing with Factual Falsehoods

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On Saturday, the White House issued “alternative facts” on the crowd size at the 45th Presidential Inauguration. Sean Spicer held his first press briefing as the White House Press Secretary. Spicer stepped to the podium to deliver a verbal lashing to the media for showing images comparing the size of crowds in attendance at Trump’s inauguration compared to the crowd size for Obama’s inaugurations in 2009 and 2013.

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He stated that Trump’s ceremony had drawn the “largest audience, ever to witness an inauguration, period.” However, turns out that Spicer, who is a U.S. Naval Reserve officer, shared alternative facts or factual falsehoods. According to available data, Spicer’s allegations were false. Aerial photos showed that Obama’s first inauguration had far more people in attendance. Nielsen ratings revealed that Obama also had a larger television audience. It was biggly different.

Watch Fact checking Sean Spicer’s inauguration numbers here.

When asked on “Meet the Press” why the White House Press Secretary used his first appearance before the press to argue about something as trivial as crowd size at the inauguration, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, said the White House press secretary gave “alternative facts” when he inaccurately described the inauguration crowd as “the largest ever” during his first appearance before the press this weekend.

Spicer’s press briefing set the stage for Trump’s war on the media.

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