Model Joia John and the Power of Her Afro

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Joia Talbott, aka Joia John is a model from Louisville, Kentucky who has been heating up the internet with her striking good looks, flawless complexion, and one of the best Afro Hairstyles seen on today’s black models.  She’s known as a model with Afrocentric aesthetics. Photos of her larger-than-life Afro while wearing her bikini swimsuits are both empowering and inspiring to women around the globe.

Her natural look lends itself to the Afrocentric aesthetics that takes Black Girl Magic to  new heights.  Today, models and sistas like, Joia who boldly and proudly wear the natural Afro  are making the world take notice.

JoiaJohn Kissed by the Sun

Even companies like Khol’s have began to feature black women with Afros in commercials to connect with the black demographic.

We’re not quite sure how last year, Marie Clair Magazine never got wind of Joia Talbott. It’s no doubt, she could have been included in The 22 Best Afro Hairstyles On The Catwalk For Spring.

Watch and follow @JoiaJohn in “All Her Glory”

A video posted by JOIA TALBOTT 💋 (@joiajohn) on

Photos: Instagram @JoiaJohn

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