Trey Songz is “Tremaine The Playboy” in New VH1 Dating Series

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What has Trey Songz looking for love?  Has his trials and tribulations with love and heartache  led the R&B artist to star in the new VH1 web dating series, “Tremaine The Playboy?”   And will the show be anything like his  “Ladies Go Wild”  dance track inspired  by his international travels and nightlife?

Photo: YouTube

Well here’s what we know so far.  “Tremaine The Playboy”  will be similar to other shows like The Bachelor that have come along.  But expect this show to be a more ratchet version, featuring a house of 17 girls fighting for a little bit of love from Trey Songz.   Draya Michelle and Steelo Brim (of MTV’s Ridiculousness) host the web series.

Photo: YouTube

You can catch  all the episodes on  Watch the trailer below.

Via VH1

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