Why 26-Year-Old Michael Tubbs Became The First Black Mayor of Stockton, CA

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Chances are you’ve never heard of Michael Tubbs.  But if you are concerned with problems facing black communities across the nation, then you will be delighted to know how and why  26-Year-Old Michael Tubbs became the first black Mayor of Stockton, CA.

Michael Tubbs was a high achieving student who didn’t come from a politically connected family.  His life was like many of those from black families plagued with poverty and absent fathers.  According to HuffPost, Tubb’s father was incarcerated.   But hardships and statistics didn’t stop Tubbs.  He  overcame all odds by first graduating from High School with an International Baccalaureate diploma and then he received a scholarship to Stanford University and worked internships with Google and the White House.

In 2010, a cousin of Tubbs was killed , but instead of allowing the incident to throw him off course and emotionally derail his pursuit of education, Tubbs  harnessed incident and it  became an inspiration that altered his aspirations.


“I am running for Mayor of Stockton because I believe deeply in the promise and potential of our city. Born and raised in South Stockton, I could have either been another statistic or worked hard to achieve success. I focused on school and received a scholarship to Stanford. After graduating and completing internships at Google and the White House, I came back to serve our community and help others have an opportunity to succeed”

“I’ve championed reforms to improve police community relations, increased investment in the underserved areas of Stockton, increased opportunity for youth, and created coalitions with local, statewide and national interests to address our most pressing issues. I seek to deepen this impact as Mayor of Stockton.”

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“Our children deserve every opportunity to realize their potential as I was able to do. I’m running to revitalize our neighborhoods, attract good paying jobs, increase safety through community policing, and bring innovation into our civic life and local economy. I am running because I am confident that together we can reinvent Stockton. ”

Michael Tubbs came back to his community to make a difference.  After serving as a city councilman,  he made history in the 2016 election when he became Stockton, California’s first and youngest Black mayor.    To learn more about Mayor Tubbs  visit  MDTubbs.com.

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