Top 25 Internships for African-American and Minority Students in 2017

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Internships afford students the opportunity to obtain valuable work experience and satisfy job qualification requirements.  The internship experience will also help enhance lessons learned in the classroom with hands on experience and give a more in-depth insight into a student’s career interests.    This is particularly important for African-Americans and minority students who very often find it difficult to find equally high paying jobs after graduation.

Employment isn’t guaranteed after completing an internship and most students may not find employment with the company they intern with.   But the good news on the value of internships is that many employers use  internships as a training period and as a time to evaluate a student’s work performance as a future employee.  A 2009 NACE survey of U.S. employers with interns found that 67% of those interns were given job offers after their terms were complete.

Students are encouraged to meet with their college career advisers as soon as possible to gather as much information as possible on internships available to them.

Start by reviewing the Top 25 Internships for African-American and Minority Students in 2017.

To search hundreds of other 2017 summer internships, visit:

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