5 Things You Should Know About Saína Tchaas Nu

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5 Things You Should Know About Saína Tchaas Nu – We often come across women who have the ability to wield their influence in some form or another via social media to build relationships, brand, promote, or just simply rack up attention for the mere joy of accumulating likes. And all too often, these women can be misunderstood and underestimated.

Society’s tendency to misrepresent women of color and beauty are best summed up in the words of the multifaceted Saína Tchaas Nu: “They didn’t understand how FEMALE and STRONG work together. Or YOUNG and WISE. Or BLACK and DIVINE. Much love to the women that are multifaceted in essence. Defying societal limits and transcending boundaries everyday.”

When  Saína described an encounter in which her professional status was called into question in one of her many eye catching Instagram posts,  she infused some much needed confidence and encouragement to others who are pursuing their dreams.

“The other day, someone asked me if I was a “real lawyer”. I replied, “What is your definition of a real lawyer?” To this they responded, “I’m not sure, but you just don’t look like one.  Those who know me can only imagine the conversation that ensued. I find it fascinating how much of society still expects women, particularly women of color, to be so one-dimensional. Invariably, the assumption is that if you occupy one lane, you can’t possibly drive in another. Moreover, so seldom do we see women of color occupy certain careers, that we often cast their presence as an anomaly or fraudulent, rather than the expectation. I revel in the joy of dispelling these notions whenever I’m given the opportunity, and applaud the accomplishments of other women and men who work to do the same.”

She went on to say, “I have friends and colleagues that are both doctors and designers. Lawyers and entrepreneurs. Teachers and artists. Engineers and musicians. Consultants and chefs. Authors and models. The list goes on. To all of my youth and students pursuing your dreams, know that you can be whatever you want, and then some.”

Here are 5 things you should know about Saína Tchaas Nu:

1.  In addition to her model looks and curves, she’s a lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property legal matters facing the Film, Television, Music, Art, Tech, and Fashion industries. Her expertise in the field of IP Law is centered on navigating the complex convergence of the arts and law. With a strong focus on brand development and contract negotiation, she advises a diverse client base, while working to protect the creative rights of musicians, actors, artists, authors, designers, models, tech startups, and creative individuals.

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2. She’s an entrepreneur. During her second year of law school, Saína founded Nuri Nahara, an emerging concept brand and cultural apparel line in response to the ongoing demand for unique garments that reflect the beauty of diverse cultural origins.


3. She’s a fashion designer. Inheriting her mother’s passion for design and growing up witnessing the lack of an extensive retail landscape for cultural apparel, she began designing her own clothing at the age of 12. Her Nuri Hahara line fuses stylistic and design elements from cultures across the globe and boasts on of a kind items for the culturally conscious and style savvy women. Saína was intricately influenced by her love of garments from regions throughout the African, Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American diasporas.

4. She’s a philanthropist. Saína donates profits from the line to the establishment of college scholarship funds for local youth in her hometown of Washington, DC. She partners with local educators, community activists, and professionals to provide generous monetary awards that will assist graduating high school seniors in their transition to higher education.

5. She’s a social influencer and brand architect. Saína seeks to bridge gaps in cultural awareness and understanding, specifically as they relate to our experience of the world around us and our connections to each other. She curates an online platform with content catering to a medley of global, socially conscious, and creative spirits, all seeking to connect, collaborate, and co-create in a collective learning space. Her lifestyle site, LaSaína.com offers holistic health and wellness advice, beauty and lifestyle tips, travel collections, and food recipes from around the globe, while promoting self love and body positivity.

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