Karin Jinsui Instagram Model Keeps Them Looking and Guessing

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Karin Jinsui is an Instagram model that keeps people looking and guessing  about what she actually does for a living.  The Harlem, New York native is one of countless Instagram models with a growing following. But what is unique about Karin Jinsui, who is known around the gram as  “Life Sized Bratz Doll,” is that no one can quite figure out what she does other than the obvious; post photos and videos.


We know she made a cameo appearance in Kylie Jenner’s popular  “Glosses” music video which to date has over 12 million views.

Some say she’s a brand ambassador while other’s have rumored that she’s a beautician.

What ever the case, one thing is for sure.  She’s definitely a social media influence with a strong foot hold on her brand. With  759K Instagram followers, one would hardly argue that her  innate beauty was not the benchmark for her success as an Instagram Model.

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She has a YouTube Channel with over 65,000 subscribers and there you’ll find her doing make up tutorials. So, we see why many of her fans think she’s a beautician.

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In an  exclusive interview with Galore Magazine, Karin dishes on her start in the beauty industry and gives a few tips for growing her personal brand.  She says, “Have confidence and believe in yourself because that’s the first step to any and everything you do.”

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Photo cred Instagram:@KarinJinsui

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