Model Robyn Banks: Arriving Home From a Day at the Office

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When Instagram model, Robyn Banks uploaded a clip of herself undressing after arriving home from a day at the office, she had no idea of the amount of attention she would attract from simply slipping off her shoes and some garments. Born in Pomona, California and growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Robyn Banks is known for her girl-next-door appeal and thickness.

Banks is one of the most sought after models in the world of social media. When she’s not posing for the camera, she’s busy pursuing a career in medicine at Wayne State University.

Although it is difficult  for many of her followers to comprehend how a woman as thick and curvy as Banks maintains her physique without meat in her diet, Banks is a self proclaimed vegetarian who finds cooking to be both a satisfying and relaxing way of enjoying her time at  home.

Below Banks shared a video that we titled, “Arriving Home From a Day at the Office.” Press Play

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