Model A n d r e a So.Bomb, “We are all special and bomb in our own unique ways…”

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Model Andrea  is known across social media as @So.Bomb. And with over 73K Instagram followers she’s living up to her name. The dark and lovely model welcomes fans to her world where she dresses like a model, but lives life like a thug…

My pics might look very similar to a lot of women on social media, with the semi nudity, fashion, selfies, crazy captions, etc. because I love all forms of expression, but let me tell you the difference. I am not better than anyone, nor do I want to portray that idea.

Often times likes and followers can be confused with like fame, but it’s really not. I feel it’s important to uplift everyone and express my individuality the way I vision in my head. I don’t have it all figured out, yet. We are all special and bomb in our own unique ways.

I hope One day I can inspire the uninspired in bigger ways, ways I haven’t even dreamed of, by the grace of God, by being me and doing things I love to do! Because the ones that are living their dreams and walking in their purpose are blessed. I just wanted to tell everyone that. Hope you guys appreciate …

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