Ms. Jada Kingdom: Curvy Models, Is There Such a Thing as “Too Thick?”

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Ms. Jada Kingdom is a singer, writer, and model who has fans wondering if there is really such a thing as “too thick.” Known for her curvaceous physique and short hair, she illuminates a sense of boldness and confidence in all her photos.

But what many of her followers at @Ms.Kingdom may not know, is this thick curvy model once lacked self-confidence and was ashamed of her body.

For Ms. Kingdom, body shaming is a cruel reality that she and other curvy models deal with on a daily basis.

She says that her newfound confidence is something she had to grow into. Constantly being told she was too fat or way too thick or her boobs and butt were too big, really took a toll on her self-esteem. In a recent Instagram post, Ms. Kingdom shared with her followers that all the criticism made her doubt herself and she considered having breast and butt reductions just so she could fit in with society.

Well, today Ms. Kingdom still possesses those same assets that once drew criticism. Now, she’s proudly putting all her glory on display and silencing her lifelong critics. Last year, she was featured in Sean Kingston’s music video, “One Away.”  Check it out here.

Read more about Ms. Kingdom in “Love Situations”

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