Taylor Hing, Chinese Kitty: Where Would She Be Without Social Media?

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Taylor Hing, Chinese Kitty is a host, brand ambassador, and model. As with many models, dancers, and celebrities today, Instagram model, Chinese Kitty owes a large degree her fame to her enormous social-media followings.

On Instagram alone, she has somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.4 Million followers. But where would she be without social media? Well, in an interview with DJ Small Eyes, Chinese Kitty admits that she probably would be nobody without social media.

With the use of her social media platforms, the model has tapped into a very lucrative income source. Social media allows models like herself to connect with a huge audience and allows that audience to gleam a little about an individual’s personality through posts and video clips.

Personalities aside, the objective of most Instagram models should be to generate attention—and lure millions of fans to open their wallets.

Unlike the runway models who have to possess basic modeling skills, Instagram models need only be willing to play the game of snapping, tweeting, and posting to Instagram.

Most models who can do this well enough can capitalize from the opportunities offered via social media. Chinese Kitty seems to have the playbook and is winning in the social media game.

Watch the interview here.

Photos Courtesy of  Instagram @ChineseKitty

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