Amirah Dyme: Why She’s Known as “Cake Queen”

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Model Amirah Dyme is known as “Cake Queen” and if any of this German born beauty’s followers have ever wondered why she lays claim to the name,  well, her recent Instagram photos will put much of the curiosity to rest.

By Urban definition, a cake queen is a woman who is treated like royalty because she possesses so much booty. And yes, Amirah Dyme is definitely in possession of an abundance of assets, and like a queen, she’s destined to rule.

The 22 year old model shared  that there was a time in her life when she wouldn’t  wear tight pants, stating,  “I can’t believe that there was a time when I refused to wear tight pants or jeans cause it made my butt look huge .  I used to hide my curves now I embrace them .”

“Cake Queen” is already Instagram Famous with over 454K followers, and she has promoted fashion brands like NA-KD, Fashion Nova and Blanco Bay.  Fans and followers can look forward to more photos and videos as she expands her brand.  Follow her on Instagram @AmirahDyme.

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