Briana Bette: “Totally Embracing Her Thunder Thighs”

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Briana Bette is a Texas native and graduate of the University of Houston. As a child she was ridiculed for her physique, but this model says she’s embracing her thunder thighs.

Bette is a chocolate beauty who has proven within the field of life sciences and medicine, that she’s got a good grasp on just how she can help promote all around health and welfare for future generations to come.  She’s doing this as a social media influencer backed with her degree in Psychology.


Bette has been modeling since her early days in college and has no problem embrace her curves and showing them off to the enjoyment of over 700K Instagram followers.

In an interview with XXL, Bette hinted to her departure from modeling to pursue a career in Psychology stating,  “I’ve met a lot of great people along the way, but my love and focus is helping those who simply need someone to listen and be there as a mental support system. That’s why I love psychology.”

Her degree in Psychology is evidence of her passion for studying the human mind and human behavior.  One of her first lessons on human behavior was perhaps comprehending why some people chose to ridicule  her when she was younger.

“I was called stallion, horse legs, thunder thighs and Big Booty Bri as a child,” said Bette. In the past I looked at my thick thighs and big butt as a negative BUT NOW…I’ve totally embraced my thunder thighs.”


Watch Briana Bette featured in Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” video.

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