Yaris Sanchez and Raven B: “Never the Girl Next Door” Explained [Watch]

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Let’s face it. Yaris Sanchez is not your girl next door. As a matter of fact, she’s never going to be the girl next door. She’s not the girl whose beauty is understated; she’s not the girl that doesn’t dress up or wear makeup. Nor is she the girl who avoids the camera because she’s too shy and doesn’t understand the power the beauty she beholds.

Yaris Sanchez is a former hip-hop model who has appeared in music videos for big name artists like Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, and Fabolous. When Yaris Sanchez was only three years old, her mother moved from the Dominican Republic to Washington Heights, New York City. When Sanchez was 15 years old, she gave birth to a daughter and later she started her career as an exotic dancer and video vixen. Needless to say this line of work has subjected her to a load of criticism over the years.

The struggle is real and indeed Sanchez has had her share of struggles.  She openly discusses her relationship with the struggle in one of her many posts on her blog.   Sanchez has stood up to challenge society’s biases and has harnessed her strength through self empowerment which resulted in her “Never the Girl Next Door” debut exhibition. The exhibition took place 2013 with the assistance of photographer Raven B and was series of photos based on the women’s liberation movement and influenced by 50s pin-up model Bettie Page.

Model Yaris Sanchez and photographer Raven B discuss their, “Never The Girl Next Door,” photo gallery.  Press Play.

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