A Little Inspiration from Celebrity Fitness Trainer Bodied By Roxi

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Let’s face it. We all can use a little inspiration and motivation every now and then. And when we think of what inspires us most, we think of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. One such person comes to mind–Bodied By Roxi, a celebrity fitness trainer who inspires and motivates thousands of IG followers with her daily posts accompanied by her words of wisdom.

We know Roxi’s photos will possibly have you mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Whether it’s to get off the couch and head to the gym or put down whatever it was you were eating and swap it out for something a little healthier, you’ll definitely get “bodied by Roxi” since her posts are also packed with some very inspirational thoughts.

In one such post, she encourages you to stop allowing your past to stop your future progress. She recommends masking your plans so that those who may not want to see you succeed will not have the opportunity to block your next step.

“Out of the heart flows the issues of life. Stop carrying around issues of your past in your heart. It only slows you down from getting to the next level of your journey. Stop letting people in your head. They don’t need to know your next step. They may try to use it against you & they may not always have your best interest at hand. Be the master of your own thoughts! The discernment of the thoughts & heart dictates your motives. Freedom is a mindset and only we have the power to choose. So the real question is: “Who are you running to? … Is it working?” @Bodiedby_Roxi

Photos: Instagram @Bodiedby_Roxi

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