Financial Double Life: Six Crucial Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

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Crucial Questions To Ask A Potential Partner Before Marriage:

Living a financial double life affects both individuals in a relationship. Not only is it important to have communication and mutual understanding about nearly every aspect of your relationship such as what role sex will be expected to play in a marriage. But it’s also important to determine if you and your partner are a good money match.

You may need to decide if you can tolerate your partner’s bad financial habits or even determine whether they have financial secrets they’ve been reluctant to reveal to you.

Use the six crucial questions below to determine if you and your partner are a good money match.

– What kind and amount of debt would each partner carry into the relationship?
– How will the debt be dealt with as legal partners?
– Once you are partners in finance, what are your positions regarding how much debt is acceptable?
– How many credit cards do you have in use?
– Will you pool all your money together or have any separate accounts?
– What amount of savings do you each regard as acceptable?

Paul Nourigat, author of “No Time to Wander: The Financial Compass for Young Americans” and a senior financial consultant in Portland, Oregon, says financial compatibility is as crucial for long-term marital success as emotional compatibility.

“Differences in financial status or attitudes are fine as long as they are identified upfront and you can decide as a couple how to handle that,” Nourigat says. Read more on Personal Finance Questions before Marriage.

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