Chriss Zoe: The Successful Business Woman, Singer, Songwriter, and Instagram Phenomenon

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Chriss Zoe (real name Christina Rogers) is a 28 year old entrepreneur, singer, song writer, Instagram phenomenon, and all around successful business woman.   But contrary to how  perfect her life appears in photos, Zoe has traveled a winding road, experiencing mistakes and failure along her journey.

When it comes to breaking out of the mental chains to achieve positive outcomes, Chriss Zoe is definitely the proof in the pudding.  She moved from her home in Houston, TX  to pursue a music career in LA , but ran into obstacles and only found work as  as bar server getting paid around $2K  a  month.  After about six months, she decided to return to Houston.  But she wasn’t sidelined for long. After a short period, she would once again return to LA with what she thought was a more concrete plan and a contract as a songwriter.

After her contract as a songwriter fell through, she decided to launch her online shopping website with a $200 investment from her $10-$30  daily tips as working as a bar server.  The  website, Shop Chriss Zoe has become her source for a steady 6-figure income and she credits  her willingness to adopt a can do attitude for her success.  She mentioned in an interview  with The BWerd, “Once I created an “I can” attitude, I created success. There is nothing I can’t do or try to do now and that makes me successful.”

Along with her successful online E-Commerce business, Chriss Zoe is still pursuing her music career.  Listen to her latest track, “Solow” below.

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