Rae Wilson: What the “Bella Diosa” Says About Fashion

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Rae Wilson has a smile that lights up a room and brightens the day! So, when the time came to select a face to represent her own brand, why not use one that says exactly what a true Bella Diosa would say about fashion? Better yet, why not you as the owner, be the face of your brand?

Bella Diosa! Bella Meaning beautiful, Diosa meaning goddess are words that represent  and reflect the fashion statement Rae Wilson intends to make.   She models the clothing sold on her website,  ShopBellaDiosa.com where her main  goal focuses on showing that class is and will forever be in style.  Each selection whether it be a dress or a jumpsuit was hand picked with this idea in mind.

“Shag Me” Sweater

Confidence can speak through your clothes!

Lady Like

What’s evident about this Bella Diosa is that she’s humble as ever, but aware of her value.   She’s turned her “cants” into “cans” and her dreams into plans.   Those who follow her Instagram account, Iamraewilson   know all too well, how powerful and inspiring many of her photo captions are.   Captions that read,  “Sharing love , showing love & spreading love in a world that needs so much of it,” speak volumes and magnifies her influence.

Eye Catcher Shirt/Dress

“She may be quiet , but she’s a warrior and her prayers move mountains.”


“I want it all, and I’m working for it!”
“Just working, praying , and minding my business.”

Date Night Two Piece Set

“You don’t know this new me , I put my pieces back differently.”

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“Love is a feeling proven by action.”
“Hard to chase , but such a good catch.”

“Always remember … Give and it shall be given unto you.” ~ Rae Wilson  


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