Ms. Myla Rose Washington: Organic, Raw, and Empowered

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Ms. Myla Rose Washington: Organic, Raw, and Empowered

I’m a woman

Can I not appreciate the power I possess? Can I not claim it as my own? Is this for your pleasure, but not mine?

Do I not have the choice of applauding and PROUDLY displaying the divine anatomy of this worlds life givers?

I’m a woman.

It’s amazing to me, WE are amazing to me.

The pain we endure and the perseverance we naturally have instilled in us.

The Resilience.


As a woman you can do ANYTHING. WE gave life to everything around us, and WE can undoubtedly take it away. The power is in you. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. You are never stuck, you are never forced.

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control what you take from it.. what it takes from you.

EVERYTHING is within YOU, everything is OF you.


Originally posted on  – “Lessons and Love”

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