Fit For Calisthenics @fitforcalis: What She Wants to Do For the Rest of Her Life

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Fit for Calisthenics and widely recognized as  @fitforcalis on Instagram recently she shared with her followers what she wants to do for the rest of her life.  If you know anything about this fitness phenom who prefers to be called Calis, then you might imagine that whatever she decides to do, she is very likely be successful at it.

Calis was overweight as a child and grew up with insecurities about her body and the way she looked.  This led to depression and caused her to become over obsessive about her body image.  After many long grueling workouts and diets with very little results and no change to her body type, she decided to do research on the subject which led to Masters in Biomedical Sciences.

Present day, she is sharing her knowledge and her experiences with others.   Her popularity and self esteem has soared to knew heights and she is often asked, “What does she want to do for the rest of her life?”

Here’s her answer:

TBH, I don’t have my answer ready since I have so many dreams. 50% of me wants to become a doctor and scientist in one, healing people and working in hospitals abroad, in country where doctors are highly needed. The other 50% of me wants to travel, study languages, meet different people and cultures, start my own worldwide business and enjoy life while working hard for it every day. So risky, but yet so attractive! 👀 –

Most people that have known me my whole life don’t take me serious when I’m talking about my contrasting dreams.. but I believe with hard work and determination, you can become successful in what ever you want to do in life and be happy with it.

Fit For Calisthenics ( @fitforcalis ). “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life. Take every chance, because that might be the only one you get.”

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