Teddybearosito aka Teddy B: Fast Facts to Know

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What is it about Teddybearosito that attracts so much attention? Is it her social media personality? Is it her Instagram photos? Or is it a combination of both?  Well, here are some fast facts to know about Teddybearosito.

Social Media influencer Teddybearosito aka Teddy B was born in Brazil and her real name is Theodora “Teddy” Moutinho.   Her parents gave her the unique name Theodora (meaning gift from God in Greek).

Teddybearosito (also known as Teddy Moutinho and Teddy B) moved from her birthplace, São Paulo, Brazil when she was only 4 years old.  She spent her early childhood years living in the following places:  Manhattan, NY, Mexico, and South Africa.  She speaks multiple languages and English was the very first language she learned to speak.  Her days living in Manhattan were spent hanging out at the major commercial intersection and neighborhood, Times Square located in Midtown Manhattan.

For the last three years, Teddy B has been an active YouTube video blogger and many of her videos chronicle her day to day life and in some, she shares her make up tips.  While she is famous for raking in thousands of views on YouTube, her real claim to fame comes via her Instagram account.  Yes, she’s Instagram Famous! As of December 7,  2017, she has over 356,000 followers on her account @teddybearosita.

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