Tiffanie Ray: Get to Know Me [Watch]

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Model Tiffanie Ray is absolutely stunning and many of her followers were pleased when she uploaded her “Get to Know Me” video. For those who have been buried under a rock and have yet to hear about Tiffanie Ray and have yet to admire her exquisite beauty then we are happy to facilitate the introduction here today.

Tiffanie Ray, who portrays herself in the most delicate and refined way is known for her popular selfies that often showcase her curves from a side view.   Her full name is Tiffanie Ray Seaberry and she was born in Germany, but has spent nearly all her life living in the U.S.   The 23 year old prefers to wear tennis shoes , yet she subtly poses in restrictive heels in the majority of her photos.


Tiffanie Ray has become an Instagram star, but she feels that her followers do not really get to know her solely from the pictures she posts.  So, she relies more on her YouTube vlogs to give her followers and fans more insight into who Tiffanie Ray really is.   Learn more about Tiffanie Ray in the video below and follow her on Instagram @TiffanieRay.


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