Sanchi World: You Never Can Get Tired of a Sweet Thing

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When it comes to the word sweet, a lot of things come to mind, like Chocolate and Sanchi World!   Sanchi is the short nickname for the Tanzania born entrepreneur, model, and actress Janeikunda Evarist Rimoy, known as Sanchi, short for Sanchoka.  Like her nickname name implies, she is indeed a sweet girl that you just can’t get tired of.

Photo Cred: Bernard Atilio

Sanchi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance, and is a former Miss Bantu Kilimanjaro 2010 pageant winner.  She wowed social media when she showed up on the scene with a 24′ inch waist and 52′ inch hips.

She has become a social media influencer via her Instagram page @Sanchiworld that currently has 467K followers.

Photo Cred: @kevbbuo

As an entrepreneur, she runs a small business,  the Golden Eyes Traders Ltd  offering a variety of  services from fashion design, media and entertainment management to investment trading.

Photo Cred: Bernard Atilio

Be on the lookout for more news about this aspiring actress and successful curvy model that’s so sweet, the world just can’t get tired of her.   Follow @SanchiWorld  

Photo Cred: Bernard Atilio


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