Along for the Ride with Porsche Weekly, “Bay Beauty Queen”

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Model Porsche Weekly takes fans and followers along for a ride as she continues on her journey to make “Bay Beauty Queen” a household name.  When entering any career, it would be wise to have a plan and specific goals in mind. This helps you stay focused and on track, moving in the right direction on your career path.  There is a market for ALL types of models, but not all models can do all kinds of modeling.  Fortunately for Porsche, she discovered her look early on and decided on the type of modeling work she would do.


Porsche Weekly is a beautiful, business minded woman with ambition and star power qualities.  Across her social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube, Porsche is also known as “Bay Beauty Queen.”  Porsche created the catchy stage name for herself in 2003 and the name, “Bay Beauty Queen” symbolizes how proud she is to be a Bay Area native.


While attending Merritt College in Oakland CA,  Porsche began her career working for Budweiser.  Soon after her stint with Budweiser, Porsche began hosting major events such as The Dub Car Show, NFL Games, and The Black Comedy Explosion.  The Bay Beauty Queen is a strong, passionate, and determined model who continues to utilize her alluring and captivating photos to garner recognition and multiply her fan base.

Her plans are to brand her stage name, “Bay Beauty Queen,” catapulting herself to soaring heights and reaching an international level; ultimately solidifying her position among the biggest names in the modeling industry.   Since creating her stage name, “Bay Beauty Queen,” Porsche has taken her followers and fans along for the ride and her web activity has garnered thousands of views and acquired her a substantial following.  Follow “Bay Beauty Queen.”

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