Tiara Kristine – Her Journey of Self Expression and Self Exploration as a Woman

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Tiara Kristine a.k.a. Tiara Harris’ life is an ongoing journey of self expression and self exploration as a woman.  As individuals, we are all unique and there is no one else in the world like YOU.  We are all in some way or another on a mission to evolve and grow to become better at being ourselves.


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And to really discover yourself,  you will undergo a process that could and most often does, span over the course of a lifetime.  It is like a choreography, a dance expressing feelings and experiences; it is a continuous lifetime performance of ups and downs, lows and highs that we will work on to perfect.

For Tiara Kristine, the journey of self expression and self exploration is one that mainly centers on dissolving illusions of the expected societal roles being an acceptable or unacceptable woman.

In this excerpt from her blog, she states, “My journey of exploring Myself as a woman was mainly about dissolving the illusion of the divided woman and expressing Myself without being bound to either stepping into the role of the “good girl” or the “bad girl”.  The Madonna/Whore complex.   The acceptable/unacceptable image and expression of the woman.  There was nothing appealing to me about the to the extreme I don’t give a f*** “bad girl” nor anything remotely inspiring about the so called virtuous docile wife material “good girl”.  That whole concept just didn’t vibe with me.  I wasn’t interested in being a “wife” nor was I interested in being a “whore”.  I had no desire to be the prized possession of a man nor the degraded object of his desires.  It was all just too extreme one way or the other which ever way it was bought into.  I am a sexual being with a human nature that has always been aware to certain degrees of my spiritual divinity.  I wasn’t searching for the Love or approval of man, of other women, of society.  Alot of programs along the way were being deleted since I was more interested in my Self expression and figuring out who I am.  I express Sexuality, Sensuality, Nudity, Nakedness, Eroticism and all that is considered profane, yet at the same time I speak of the sacredness of Love, Connection, Spirit, God, Goddess and Union.  It is all in me, eventually it was all going to come out together…”  Continue reading

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