Woman Caught Screaming Racial Insults ‘You’re A N*gger’ At a Co-Worker [Video]

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Cactus Jack employee Eileen Marcinkowski was caught on video screaming racial insults at a former co-worker.

via Raw Story:

Local news station Fox 4 reports that Cactus Jack employee Eileen Marcinkowski was filmed repeatedly yelling “You’re a n*gger!” at former coworker Orlando Ortega, who was fired from the restaurant shortly before the incident with Marcinkowski occurred.

Restaurant owner Jane Thursfield tells Fox 4 that Marcinkowski was actually provoked by Ortega, whom she alleges hit the woman in the face right before she went off on her racist rant.

“The lady in the video he actually did hit,” she explained to Fox 4. “She had blood on her face, she was bleeding.”

Despite this, however, the video does not show Marcinkowski with any blood on her face.

Additionally, Thursfield said that Marcinkowski’s use of racial slurs was inappropriate even if she was provoked by Ortega.

“Of course not, no, we don’t condone that at all,” she said.

For the time being, Thursfield says that Marcinkowski is still employed at the restaurant, although she says she plans to address the incident with the entire staff. She also emphasizes that the incident took place “off-the-clock” and “off business property.”

In a Facebook video posted over the weekend, Ortega denied doing anything to provoke Marcinkowski and said he planned to file a discriminatory lawsuit against the restaurant.

You can watch the original video of the incident below. Also, if you’d like to let Cactus Jack management know how unacceptable this is, feel free to give them a call at (239) 652-5787 — or hit up their Yelp page.

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