How To Build a Fit and Thick Booty: Tips from Alexus Danisha [Watch]

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If you are looking for tips on how to build a booty, then look no further.   Alexus Danisha is here with a Q&A on how to build a fit and thick booty.

Instagram @Alexusdanisha

We are all aware how men like to pinch and pat, ogle and stare at a woman’s derriere.   It’s no wonder Instagram model and aspiring actress, Alexus Danisha has captured the attention of nearly 100K followers, men and women alike, with her eye catching photos where she showcases her thick and fit booty.

Instagram @Alexusdanisha

When a woman has an hour glass figure with a full lower body, she’s displaying to the world a sign of health and fertility.  And nothing attracts the attention of the male species like a woman with a fit and thick booty.

Check out the Q&A on how to build a fit and thick booty here.


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