Danielle Williams-McCord Tells Her Truth in the Riveting Play “From Porn to the Pulpit”

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Danielle Williams-McCord  is sure to capture anyone’s attention with her truth in the riveting play “From Porn to the Pulpit.   Today, Danielle Williams-McCord is a minister, author, empowerment speaker and playwright committed to spreading the word of God and empowering individuals to live in their truth and walk in their purpose.   But prior to stepping into the pulpit, she was a stripper and a popular porn star in Los Angeles.

Her memories of her childhood are memories filled of alcohol and drug abuse, exposure to sex and pornography, rape and brushes with death among many other things that no child should experience.

“At the age of eight I was molested. My mentally ill father tried to kill me when I was 10,” she said. ” I was sexually active at 13 and became pregnant by a 27 year-old pimp. At 14 I was stripping, I was a prostitute at 15, and I was doing porn going into my 18th birthday.”

Williams-McCord is telling her truth in the her play, ‘From Porn to the Pulpit’ which will be touring across the nation, with a different celebrity featured in each city. The next stop is in Baton Rouge in April.

Last week, Williams-McCord premiered her production at the Earl Smith Strand Theater near Atlanta, playing to two consecutive sold out crowds and drawing every action and emotion from laughter and utter shock, to tear-jerking sadness. Both nights ended with a thunderous applause.

For more information on Danielle Williams-McCord, visit her website at www.anewyouministries.com or follow her on Facebook @ministerdanny and on Instagram @ministerdanny. The book “From Porn to the Pulpit” is available on Amazon.com.

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