Jasmine Grenaway: The Rise to Instagram Fame as a Social Media Influencer

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If you troll Instagram for models, then you’re likely to come across the beautiful Jasmine Grenaway or shall we say, MsGrenaway.   This social media influencer and lifestyle blogger might surprise many with her rise to Instagram fame status which has her sitting pretty with a following of 317K onlookers.    The 26-year old is also mother to a lovely daughter and as a social media influencer, she has turned her passion for posing for the camera into a niche lifestyle.

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Whether she’s modeling in sweats, wearing a bikini, or slipping into a dress,  she’s capturing attention and engaging in one of the hottest online marketing trends right now as a social media influencer.

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One look at MsGrenaway and it’s not hard to notice that she has the social relationship “assets” that brands are looking for.   Particularly, fashion brands that now realize 49 percent of consumers seek purchase guidance from social media influencers.   According to a study from Mediakix , the amount brands are spending with influencers on Instagram is over $1 billion per year.   Influencers like MsGrenaway are definitely getting in on the action and taking home their slice of the pie.

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