Brii Renee Back In 1992 Tee “The Year of The Woman”

Instagram | Bristhename
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How many people actually knew the meaning behind the Back in 1992 Tee?   Model, Actress, and Radio personality Brii Renee posted a series of photos to her Instagram @Bristhename wearing a mustard colored tee with 1992 painted in red across her chest and captioned one photo, “Exclusive and she Boujee.”   So what was the meaning behind the 1992 Tee?

Instagram | Bristhename

The Year of the Woman was a popular slogan attached to  the year 1992.   It was a leap year and according to, “On Election Tuesday 1992, American voters elected more new women to Congress than in any previous decade, which began a period of unparalleled advances for women in Congress.”

Instagram | Bristhename

“Dubbed the “Year of the Woman,” 1992 also marked the beginning of more than 20 years of remarkable achievements for minority women.”

“Forty-seven of the 58 African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-Pacific-American women who have served in Congress were elected between 1992 and 2016.” So that was looking back in 1992 history. Thanks to Brii Renee for wearing the 1992 Tee and reminding all of us the “Year of the Woman,” a time in history that set the stage for remarkable achievements for women.

Instagram | Bristhename

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