Which Facial Hair Style Do Women Think Is The Sexiest?

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When it comes to growing a beard and catching a woman’s attention, men definitely need to know which facial hair style women think is the sexiest.  If you’re on the fence with the idea of growing out your beard maybe this will help you.  As it turns out… the majority of women love a man with a beard and there are two particular facial hair styles that catch their eye more often. Growing a beard can be a great way to spice up your appearance and catch more attention.

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Fortunately, we live during a time period where beards are in and women also find them attractive. It’s like the perfect storm when we’re accessing facial hair in the world of dating, relationships, and attractiveness.

But which facial hair style and which type of beard do studies say is the sexiest?

Is it the clean shaved and a light stubble?

Is it the heavy stubble look?

Is it the full beard look?

Check out the answer to which facial hair style women find the sexiest and let this article,  “What Women Really Think Of Men With Beards,” be your guide into the mind of women and their thoughts on bearded men.

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