Believe the Hype! Marilyn Melo Proves that “Distressed” Jeans Are Back

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Yes, you best believe the hype! The distressed look is back in 2018.  In 2010, we witnessed the ‘distressed’ look make a comeback.  No matter where you turned, someone was wearing  ripped jeans.  Trendsetters can’t get enough of that laid back relaxed look you get from a distressed pair of jeans.  For model and fashion influencer, Marilyn Melo, jeans have been a fashion staple and when she slipped on a pair of distressed jeans, Instagram went crazy.   Not only did she look relaxed in her distressed denim, but she portrayed a lot of sex appeal as well.

We have all become accustomed to seeing rips around the knee, thigh, and the calf area.  But, wait a minute! Marilyn Melo slipped into a pair of distressed jeans that had a truly fashionable feel and look, the denim was frayed around the rip and exposed her bare hips.

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