Fitness Model Shawn Wells a.k.a. Wells Phargo Lays It All Out In An Interview With Photographer 2Deez

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Just a few months ago,  aspiring fitness model,  Shawn Wells a.k.a Wells Phargo  made his first appearance on Instagram and in those few months, he has acquired over 30,000 followers and attracted the attention of photographers from around the globe.   Photographer 2Deez caught up with Wells for a shoot and  an interview in which the overnight sensation, Shawn Wells lays it all out.  And we have it all right here!

Instagram @Wells.Phargo

2Deez:   So, I had the chance to work with Shawn Wells and although I was hesitant and unsure as the shoot approached of if I could even deliver the level of work that I do working with beautiful women, I ended up being glad I was able to work with this guy.  See it’s easy to shoot what attracts you (in my case that’s women) and display the beauty that you see within your work. But Shawn Wells is in a way, the very first male model I’ve shot. There were a few male models I’ve  shot when I first started shooting,  but this was when I was green and these few guys I actually knew from when I myself was modeling.  So, Shawn Wells def in a few ways is a first for me.  I may get into the why’s and why not’s, but it depends on how I feel as this interview progresses.

2Deez:  In short form, but without leaving out what’s important to you, could you tell me a little about yourself. Who you are, not You the model (if they are even separate)?

Instagram @Wells.Phargo  Photo by Carlos Jones

Shawn Wells:  Haha yeah, “Wells.Phargo” and I are separate.  I almost go into a hypnotic act once its shoot time.  I’ll go from laughing to “Mr.  Eyecandy” in 2 seconds.  It’s pretty weird how I can flip it on and off.  But as for myself, I’m a 21 year old military veteran who is ready to jump into the college world.  I joined the military to serve my country, but also to take advantage of the benefits that I now have.  I can definitely say it was worth the effort and sacrifices.  What’s important to me is my fitness and overall life.  Rather it be happiness, money, family; everything can be gone the next day.  Therefore, appreciating it while it lasts, is everything to me.  Life’s short, so don’t waste time doing something you’re not born for is my motto!

Instagram @Wells.Phargo Photo: Keilan Scott Photos

2Deez:  I definitely can relate being that I’m a veteran myself.  So before I forget, I’d like to thank you for your service.  So if it’s cool with you, I want to continue conversing with Shawn Wells… I have some questions for Mr, Wells Phargo a little bit later.  Now, I overheard you tell the model Amber Renee (who was also at our first shoot) that you had just made your Instagram account a little over three months ago.  It took a day for that to replay in my head before I understood the magnitude of that statement.  Shawn, how the hell did you rack up almost 30,000 followers in three months?!? And what is that like?  I mean one day you post a pic on IG and then the next day you’re a national/international sensation?  You have more likes on some pics than I have followers. So that is something I can’t relate to.  Give me a description of what that is like please!

Shawn Wells with Jusfabsistas

 Shawn Wells:  Oh well, welcome!  And yeah, I did my first shoot in mid December,  uploaded the pictures, tagged the male eye candy pages and they happened to just love my look.  At the time,  I only had around 150 followers!  So it was really like one week I had 20 likes and the next I was getting thousands.  And photographers were reaching out from everywhere!  I was in the least of words, shocked!  I just couldn’t believe that the feedback was so great ! The down fall about this exposure was that I couldn’t actually get to the shoots!  I couldn’t do the fashion shows and casting calls ’cause this all happened when  I was still on active duty!  You can only imagine the type of frustration it is to have to turn down countless opportunities because you’re stuck in an office.  As far as the amount of followers  I have, it’s from studying!   It sounds funny at first, but I studied the Instagram algorithm and learned how to push myself out.  Which is why influencers with way more followers than me don’t have as much engagement as me. I know what I’m doing.

2Deez:  Algorithms huh… Yea u def must be on to something. Algorithms or not, whatever happened happened and you are a hit. I’m a believer than within the next 6 months your life will change again and you will be getting paid from helping others achieve what you have. You know there is a market for that and obviously you have knowledge that you can share and people such as myself would be willing to pay for. I’ve looked at your page and seen some of the comments haha!!!! Man, I’ve laughed so hard at some of the things guys and girls say to you in your comments. How do you keep a level head when so many people are treating you like you are a God?  What keeps you focused?

Shawn Wells:  Honestly, I stay focused by reminding myself that where I am isn’t where I want to end and there’s still a road ahead of me.  I think people get their 15 minutes of fame at times and get complacent!  Forget why they are doing it in the first place .  I know that it’s more to my story and to stay humble every step of the way.  I definitely appreciate the amount of love I get and the people who support me.  I always try to interact with everyone, rather it be in my comments, messages, or on Live.  I always try to thank everyone that I can.

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2Deez:  You are a gentleman and a scholar my friend. That’s what separates the winners from the losers. You seem to be well rounded. It’s kinda hard to know what I would do in your position, but I doubt I’d do it with such grace as you do. How prepared are you for a mass amount of growth in support and followers?  Are you setting yourself up to offer a service to your fans? Services such as, but not limited to: meal preps, fitness tips, social media marketing, etc? People will want to follow your blueprint and you can definitely turn that into a profit that helps you continue building a name for yourself.

Shawn Wells:  I’m getting prepared for the next step.  It’s just dealing with everyday life,  Instagram, family, and anything else life throws at me.  It can be a lot on me.  Especially since this is still very new to me.  Although, I will have the meal preps and workouts up and going fairly soon.

2Deez:  Awesome! So do you have a strict diet? Do you work out seasonally or do you maintain your build all year?

Shawn Wells:  The build is all year round and only progressing!  You just never know when a photographer could be in town, so I have to be picture ready whenever.  For my diet , I count calories.  So I don’t necessarily limit my food.  I don’t eat fast food, greasy stuff too often.  I keep drinking my 6 -7 bottles of water daily and that’s about it.  Just because my diet isn’t as hardcore as some others doesn’t mean it’s not the most important component though.  My genes are just different.

2Deez:  Staying ready is very smart. In my case I’m in a different state everyday and when I contacted you it was less than a 24hr notice. So staying ready works out perfectly. Being that you’re in such great shape that sets you apart from so many who are trying to do what you do.  But let’s not talk about what sets you apart.  Instead, let’s now touch on those that you may be compared to.  So who are some that maybe came before you that people compare you to? And do you take offense when people compare you to these guys?

Shawn Wells:  The main guy is Tyson Beckford. That’s my comparison.  Do I take offense? Never! He was one of the best to do it so if I’m being brought up in the same sentence as him, that’s amazing.

Shawn Wells Instagram @Wells.Phargo

2Deez:  Yea… Nobody compares me to him lol.  So I know you are a gentleman at heart so I’m gonna ask a question or two now for the ladies.  But I think they would rather have Wells Phargo answer these questions.  First, are you single, dating, or sowing your royal oats?  What type of woman attracts Wells Phargo? And does it go down in your DM?

Shawn Wells:  Oh I’m good in the dating department. My ole lady is always on watch so I just keep it rated PG.   And my DMs are funny and crazy at the same time.  I get messages from all walks of life about all types of stuff.  Everyday is either an Awe, thank you or woah!  What the hell! Hahaha!! Definitely just depends… My type of woman is someone who is strong and open minded, ambitious, and knows how to love. You’ll be surprised that people think they love some one right, but really their lacking key components. A woman into fitness and physical self improvement is always a plus as well.

2Deez: Smart man.  Avoiding temptation.  So do you find it difficult to find a woman with the qualities you look for now a days with all the social media, TV, and other influences?   And could you or would you be open to dating a model ( hypothetically speaking)?

Shawn Wells:  Yeah, I would definitely date another model.  She would share the same ambition as me and we’ll be killing the game together.  But if  I were in the market for a woman, I think it would be difficult in way. Most women wouldn’t give me the chance knowing I have such attention as I’m receiving now.

2Deez:  I’m gonna respect boundaries and bring this to a close. I’d like to say I’m gonna keep an eye out and watch your progress. If it’s something I can help with be sure to hit me up. In closing, I want to ask are there some features or publications of any type that you would love to see yourself in?  For example, WorldstarHipHop, fitness magazines, etc? Have you already landed any big features yet? Any photographers you would love to work with and or any models? And lastly, tell me anything important that I may have left out that you would like your fans to know.

Photo courtesy of 2Deez

Shawn Wells: I would love to see myself on Essence! That’ll be amazing. But I honestly don’t think my body is ready for any big fitness features yet.  In the future, yes that’ll be a moment to look forward to.  Photographers that I really want to work with are all in LA or New York.  Just hard to reach, and specific models? No, not really. My fan base seems to hate when I shoot with other models, haha. I get mean DMs and no likes.  Its hilarious how my fans don’t play that.  This is the start to my career and I appreciate my followers’ words and support. Never be shy to reach out to me cause I get back to who I can.  My social media is the main 3.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   All Wells Phargo.  I just actually returned to Snapchat.

2Deez:  I appreciate your time bro! I look forward to seeing this thing play out for you. Continue to be the humble guy you are and I don’t have any doubt you will get where you desire to be.

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