Zinc, Sex, and the Body’s Ability to Build Muscle

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So what exactly does zinc and sex have to do with the body’s ability to build muscle?  Well, according to Social Media Icon and 2016 IFBB Champion, Renee Jones, a.k.a IamNayFit,  “Sex can be directly related to your ability to build muscle!  Potentially one of the most critical connections between sex and muscle building is the zinc status within the body.”   In a recent Instagram post,  here’s what the celebrity trainer had to say about the topic:

Did you know that sex can be directly related to your ability to build muscle!?

•Potentially one of the most critical connections between sex and muscle building is the zinc status within the body. Whenever a male has an orgasm, zinc will be released in the semen. Zinc is a critical nutrient that is required for proper sperm growth and development and when levels fall short, infertility is often the consequence.
•When zinc levels are low in the body there is more likely to be a noticeably lower sex drive as well as a difficulty shown with generating more lean muscle mass.
•Because zinc is lost during ejaculation , not replacing it through your diet can make you fall into a deficit. fill your diet with foods rich in zinc such as oysters, shellfish, wheat germ, liver, cashews, pine nuts, and pecan nuts

Sex and muscle building * ever feel like falling to sleep directly after GOOD Sex lol. Well, there is a very high release of Oxycontin in the body, which serves to really relax you and could cause you to feel slightly weaker than before the sex took place. * Your hormones will eventually return to normal levels.

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But if you are looking for a great workout avoid trying to attempt a training session immediately after you’re involved in sexual activity may not be the best of approaches.   Aim for at least a 3-4 hour time span afterward to allow the hormones to normalize again and for you to recover your strength and energy.

Conclusion,  maintaining focus both in the gym and out for the actual gym sessions will be critical to see optimal results. In some extreme cases if you become too fixated on sexual activity, you may prioritize this ahead of regular workout sessions, which will then have a large impact on the overall results you experience.  Maintaining healthy diet and workout routines can likely to be healthy and thus experience fewer sexual problems such as pre-mature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, so you won’t have to worry about either of those impacting your overall ability to perform in bed.

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