Lance Gross Responds To Backlash Over Post About His Son’s Skin Complexion and Colorism

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Actor Lance Gross felt compelled to respond to all the backlash surrounding the post about his newborn son’s skin complexion. When Gross took to Instagram to express his excitement about baby Lennon’s complexion, he didn’t anticipate people getting his comment twisted. Gross posted a picture of his son and captioned it, “LL Kool G my little man’s color is comin’ in nicely! I’m hyped!”

(Photo credit: Lance Gross Instagram)

The conversations about colorism and self-hate soon poured in. Some took offense to the actor’s caption and accused him of being a colorism, writing:

The backlash compelled Gross to respond with a lengthy message in which he explains, he’s no victim of “self-hatred” and emphasized the fact that his wife is a Black woman. “Two things I am proud of is the ability to smile through any situation and the rich melanin and layers my body…For my daughter or son to share that blessing makes me overjoyed. Miss me with the self-hate cause those assumptions are invalid. I love me more than anyone else.” “Colorism exists, yes, but y’all not about to label every dark skin Black man who is in a relationship with someone lighter complexion under that bus. I chose love not skin tone.”he wrote.

See the message below:

SOME have it twisted… #excuseanytypos 🤷🏿‍♂️#ifyoufeellikereadingtoday

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