Swedish Instagram Model Faces Controversy Over Her Beauty and Skin Color

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Swedish Instagram model, Emma Hallberg faces controversy over her beauty and skin color. Some of her followers have accused the 19 year old beauty of pretending to be black. Hallberg is well known on Instagram for her selfies and her glowing bronze colored skin. Her photos of often re-posted across Instagram pages showcasing black models, but to the surprise of many, Emma Hallberg is white.  Some black women have accused Hallberg of  pretending to be black on social media by using makeup to drastically change her appearance to appeal to a black audience.  The term is called “blackfishing.”

After the backlash, the model defended herself to Buzzfeed, saying she’s never used any self-tanners or spray tans and never “claimed or tried to be black or anything else.” “I do not see myself as anything else than white,” she said. “I get a deep tan naturally from the sun.”   Below Hallberg poses without makeup.  We will leave it to you to decide whether or not she  is ‘blackfishing.’

So what is the problem? Either way you look at it, should we not just look past skin color and admire her beauty?

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