Frantzcesca Casimir Explains How Self Awareness Unlocks Doors Of Reality

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The multifaceted CEO and Army Sergeant Frantzcesca Casimir explains how self awareness is the key that unlocks the doors of reality.   When it comes to  possessing a keen realization of one’s personality, knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses,  and her motivations, no one is more aware and in tune with shaping her own reality than the one and only, Frantzcesca Casimir.

Frantzcesca is the Founder of Fancy Fit Fitness where she offers full body training  sessions and seasonal challenges.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer who has helped women all over the world reach their body goals.  Balancing her time between military duty and running her online fitness business, she also shares her personal training journey and helps motivate over 500K followers on her Instagram page.  She recently shared a post explaining that the more she understands who she is, the more powerful she becomes.

She also explained that self awareness is the key that unlocks the doors of reality.  “The more I understand who I am, the more powerful I become. Self-awareness is the key that unlocks the doors of reality, and the minute we learn how to guide our thoughts, we become free from burden of unconsciously creating our reality.”

She went on to write, “Invest in your mind, your body, and your soul. Give focus to the things that control reality. Start investing in yourself and see how much your reality shifts. Declare today that you’ll no longer give your power to things outside of yourself. This is where true personal empowerment lies; the power to guide your thoughts, to create your reality.”

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Below Frantzcesca sits down to talk with Good American on why she decided to get fit.  Check out the video.


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