Kamo Modisakeng – How Instagram Launched Her Acting Career

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Before the launch of her acting career, Kamo Modisakeng could be found on Instagram posting pics and raking in hundreds of thousands of followers. However, she never intended to use her account as a business page. She told Touch HD in an interview, “I never took my Instagram page as a business page, it was just like: “Oh, I look pretty today, let’s post it” That type of thing…” she said. But as luck would have it, Kamo was discovered when a talent manager visited her Instagram page.

The talented Kamo Modisakeng is now a South African actress best known for her starring role as Bassie, the beautiful and naive niece who is the picture of innocence in the Mzansi Magic drama series “Rockville” Season 4. She told Cosmopolitan that two things that have helped build relationships in the industry and in her career are her humbleness as well as her relatability. “I am literally the girl next door,” she said. Kamo also had some advice for others wishing to break into the TV industry:

You need to do it for passion – not the fame, not the money but for pure passion, otherwise you won’t be completely happy with what you do.

We wish this rising star all the best and hope to see her on some American TV shows in the near future.
Photo Credits: Instagram/@KamoModisakeng

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