Why Alibaba is a success in the US

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It’s been reported that Alibaba is valued at $232 billion.  The following excerpt comes from an article detailing  how Alibaba, a Chinese hair factory has assumed a lot of success in the online U.S. hair sales market.

“The success of AliExpress and other online hair vendors in the hair market depends on a leap of faith.  Since online shopping is not ideal  when it comes to hair, many women will tend to be very nervous forking over hundreds of dollars without actually being able to feel or touch the product they are considering purchasing.”  One woman interviewed by The Guardian had this to say:

“I was nervous that I could only rely on the YouTube reviews to see the hair that was being sold,” says Hollist. “Sometimes people get good hair, and then the next lot can be dodgy. ”

The bargain, however, was too good to pass up. Figuring that worst case scenario, she was only going to be out $250 to $350 – far less than the $700 that salons demanded – Hollist clicked “buy” and hoped for the best…”  The article is courtesy of The Guardian and can be read in it’s entirety at “The Guardian”.

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