Stand Out – Look Amazing with Voluminous Tight Curls

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There often comes a time when you demand to be the center of attention: all eyes on you. But, we all know that can be somewhat impossible to pull off. We share the world with over a billion people and as much as we would like to think we all possess our own unique style and look, there’s always someone lurking around the corner with a similar style and sometimes even similar physical looks. So how can you stand out, while still looking amazing? Check out Yaya Yaya DaCosta6DaCosta: she’s got the answer on how to stand out, while still looking fantastic. She’s rocking some seriously voluminous tight curls that are funky, quirky, and cool. Her eye-catching hairstyle comes with all the hipness you could ever dream about while also being feminine and stylish. Wear it anywhere and have ALL eyes on you. (

With your lovely short and curly hair, you can easily style it and it will take you far less time to do so. Your wardrobes, personality, and your mood should surely match the occasion and the requirements of your hairstyle. So maintain the basic thing of fashion by wearing different types of hairstyles according to the mood you’re in and the event or particular occasion you’ll attend.

To accomplish YaYa’s epically riotous curls, just wet your hair and apply moisturizing oil. Separate sections, one by one, into two equal strands. Twist the strands around each other and then rub the ends so that they do not untwist themselves. Dry overnight or sit under a bonnet dryer set to medium heat. When your twists are dry, just untwist them and style as desired.  (

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