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Virgin hair is all the trend amongst avid weave wearers. With the influx of hair extension start up companies its become increasingly difficult to find a company that is both reputable AND affordable.  HVM Virgin Hair is a relatively new company (rounding their two year mark in October of 2013). Based out of New York city, this hair company specializes in “Raw Virgin Hair“. Each client is provided with unprocessed hair. Making it an optimal choice for those who intend to color their extensions. HVM offers an array of origins to choose from. However because each bundle is in its raw state, don’t expect to receive elaborate hair textures. Recently I had the opportunity to wear HVM Virgin Hair in the Peruvian natural wave origin. When it arrived to my home I was intrigued by its packaging. Each bundle was tightly sealed in plastic wrapping which was then placed in a bamboo slip. As someone who’s worn virgin hair for some time now I can honestly say I’ve never seen a packaging such as this one.

Its texture was properly describe on the website. It’s truly a natural wave. I could tell by its pattern that the company did not steam process the hair prior to shipping it. More importantly there was NO odd odor to the hair!! THANK GOD! I felt so comfortable with the presentation of the hair I’m sure I could have instantly installed the hair without any worries. One thing I would also like to point out about HVM Virgin Hair is the integrity of the hair. From root to end the hair was in perfect condition. I was relieved to see that there were no signs of splits ends with each bundle. After I’d installed it I appreciated the fact that it was not heavy on my head. Although I did install 4 bundles of hair onto a mesh wig cap. The hair looked full but didn’t feel like I was wearing football helmet.


Curling and straightening the hair was a breeze. I could easily go from a tight curl to a sleek straight style. When creating heated styles my thermal temperature was 410 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition to its seamless curling abilities I was also happy to see that it did not shed a lot. Just like our own hair, virgin hair will to shed over time. Unfortunately some more than others. But this hair’s shedding was kept down to a minimum. HVM does suggest that its customers invest in a weft sealer before installing your hair (which is what I did and it worked wonders)!

Because no hair is fool proof, I did encounter one issue while wearing the hair. Although the hair took to heat well, my curls did not last as long as I would have liked them to during the day. So I would suggest using a styling agent to seal your curls for a lasting effect. I haven’t fully been able to identify if the curling issue was because of something I did (e.i. having my curling iron up to high therefore causing heat damage). Or if its something with the hair itself.  In closing, I really enjoyed wearing the hair and would definitely make another purchase from the hair company. For me I will continue to wear the hair for multiple installs. I also appreciated the professionalism and sense of urgency with the owner of HVM. I didn’t have to wait days to get a reply back from her if I had questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this hair company if you are looking to purchase some quality affordable hair.    Full Article by JazJackson JazJackson – Make Up and Smell the Coffee


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